Volunteerism Action

Volunteering action at Base Net seeks to motivate and enable people from diverse segments of society to invest their time and unique talents to create a sustainable change in the lives of vulnerable South Sudanese people and their communities to enable them access and enjoy their basic service rights with dignity for healthy and active lives of household economic growth and development. Your volunteering action is based on the organization’s belief that you have unique strengths and therefore you can contribute in a different way together with others to combat inaccessibility of basic services to the needy people. Base Net will equip you with skills, experiences and right attitude you need to excel in your career growth. Our organization believes that a collection
of these strengths can be leveraged to reach our ultimate goals, objectives and fulfill our mission.

Base Net began as an endeavour with one volunteer/intern in June 2018. Since then, the spirit of internship/volunteerism has gained significant approval in the organisation. Base Net strongly believes in attracting talents and passion of interns and volunteers together in order to transform their individual contributions into resources that would help in making a difference in the lives of affected people with complex emergencies. It is this belief that that builds the foundation for the volunteering program in Base Net. Thus, volunteering opportunities are designed to involve volunteers/interns in meaningful ways that reflect their abilities, needs and backgrounds of the volunteers. We believe that you are advocates of the poor people and you contribute your valuable time and energy to bring about lasting change in the lives of the poor people.

Key Focus of Volunteer’s Work

The broad focus of your work will fall in any one of the following two areas:

  • Changing your own attitude and practices and triggering change in others through aware-ness campaigns on the cause of the vulnerable and poor people.
  • Contributing your skills, knowledge, expertise and time through Base Net supervision to execute tasks and actions that support the organization’s work in saving and changing lives of the needy people.

Volunteering Opportunities

We offer a range of engagement options that are designed to accommodate the diverse background of our volunteers and their varied interests, skills, knowledge, time and availability. We do encourage you to engage not just in a relief mode of volunteering but also, we inspire you to get involved in actions that address the root causes, links relief, rehabilitation, peace and development to bring about lasting impact to the lives and livelihood of the affected people. Our volunteering options are uniquely not only limited to execution of tasks or events but also create processes where you engage in both designing and execution of the tasks. The options also give you opportunities to get aligned with affected members of communities and stakeholders to bring about desired change.